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When a person is diagnosed with cancer, many oncologists advise chemotherapy to kill the cancer cells. There’s one problem: a series of chemotherapy treatments will also destroy the good cells, damaging the body’s very important immune system, at the same time wreaking havoc on the body, causing hair loss, vomiting, fever, chills, shivers, and a complete assault on the blood components. Various types of blood transfusions are too often required as a result of the devastations caused by traditional chemotherapy.

With recent advances in our understanding of the inner workings of cancer cells, it is now possible to dramatically reduce the dose-related side effects of chemotherapy, while at the same time potentially increasing the effectiveness and specificity of these agents in killing cancer cells. The key to this is an innovative strategy for drug delivery called Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT).

IPT treatment (low dose targeted chemotherapy) is a conventional cancer treatment with a modification that not only solves the above problems, but also provides a kinder and gentler way to treat cancer with fewer negative side-effects. IPT treatment for cancer can be considered simply as chemotherapy, but a more refined and gentler style of chemotherapy.


What are the benefits of IPT Treatment?

•IPT can be very tough against tumors while being very kind to the patient, who continues to live a normal and vital lifestyle during treatment.

•If there is a chemotherapy drug that works against a particular type of tumor, it is believed to work better with IPT. The insulin employed enables the physician to direct almost all the chemotherapeutic agents to the cancer cells, mostly sparing the normal cells and thereby decreasing the throes of conventional chemotherapy. Therefore, only approximately 10% of the customary dosage of conventional chemotherapy is required. And as a result of this low dosage, with far less toxicity, up to four different chemotherapeutic agents can be administered at each weekly treatment!

•Treatments require only approximately 2 - 4 hours per week and are administered in the physician’s clinic.

•Treatment costs are significantly less than the conventional protocol.

•There are no reported deaths due to IPT.



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